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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How well can your unit be concealed?
A: Actually, our units can be concealed completely. We recommend that you conceal it even in the cases where it is legal. Because we sell a universal kit, everyone that has one installs it differently. Not only does this make it extremely difficult to detect, but in most cases, it cannot be found under normal inspections. Our systems are the only silent traction controls available, so they won't give themselves away out on the track. Anyone inspecting for traction control can listen in the corner and hear a timing or rev-limiter-style unit and know which cars to look at. This is not a problem with brake or throttle controls. Also MDS sells a "traction control detector" that many tracks use. It cannot detect our brake or throttle control.

Q: Can I use any type of ignition with your units?
A: Yes. Our brake or throttle controls will work with any ignition system. They are not connected to the engine.

Q: I have been told your system is not fast enough. Is this so?
A: The real truth is that a brake control is the fastest way of controlling wheel spin in 1/7th of a second. A timing control, or a rev-limiter-type system, is much slower because the momentum of the wheels, tires, axles, gears, drive shaft, clutch, flywheel, crankshaft, and other components do not slow instantly by retarding the timing or your engine. Anyone that understands engines and race cars know this. If you apply the brakes, the wheel spin is controlled without waiting for the spinning parts to slow. You have too only use common sense to see through other companies misleading propaganda.

Q: Do all of your units use sensors?
A: Our most popular units are sensorless. We use GPS for most of our applications. We do offer a front-wheel sensor option, which is less expensive than the GPS but also harder to hide. There is not a more accurate way to monitor wheel spin than to compare the speed of the car to the speed of the rear wheels. Our systems compare vehicle speed, using GPS or a front wheel sensor, to the speed of the rear wheels too accurately know when the wheel spin is exceeding the limit selected by the user. This is not possible simply by monitoring engine RPM. Systems that use "RPM spikes" are very, inaccurate, and unpredictable.

Q: Have you sold many units?
A: Our RaceTronics division was started in 1989. We have sold over 20,000 units.

Q: Can the driver notice when your unit is operating?
When adjusted correctly, the car will simply feel "hooked up". Many customers describe it like "trail braking". Our control will even correct wheel spin on a slick track, around the starter stand, when it is very hard for the driver to feel the wheel spin. 

Q: What about rotor glow?
We can control excessive rotor glow in different ways. Once you own one of our units, you can call and we will help with different suggestions.