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Control Wheel Spin with GPS Brake Control Systems

For more than 30 years, RaceTronics in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, has been building GPS brake control systems that manage traction in real time. Traction and wheel spin are controlled automatically and silently, without hurting your engine. Find out more about how traction control works.

Upgrade Your Race Car with Our Black Box

The newest offering from RaceTronics is our GPS Black Box, the latest evolution in electronic traction and brake control systems. The GPS sensor eliminates the need for a front wheel sensor and is as accurate as our wheel sensor systems. It is easy to install and can be placed in many different places on the car. Features include:

Traction Control Brake Units our #1 Seller
Available with Our New GPS Sensor That Eliminates the Front Sensor
No Wheel Sensors/Sensorless Option Now Available

Black Box Control& Car

The Fastest Way To Control Wheel Spin

By comparing vehicle speed to rear wheel speed using GPS, our system optimizes wheel spin. If the rear wheels lose traction above a selected limit, the control applies the rear brakes for 1/7th of a second. This means you can simply drive off the corner and put your foot to the floor. The wheel spin will be controlled automatically.

Small Control Can Be Completely Concealed In Your Car
Eliminates Wheel Spin From 0% To 99%
Will Not Hurt Your Engine & Is Silent
Adjustable for Any Track Condition


Our new GPS Black Box offers brake control without wheel sensors, and it is as accurate as a unit with sensors. Unlike units that use RPM spikes, our unit is very accurate!


Using state-of-the art electronics, RaceTronics has incorporated GPS technology along with our race-proven systems to fit your application. Race proven/race based, for optimum performance.

Custom Units

For years, RaceTronics has also built custom units for All Special Applications. Due to the recent rule changes, we are able to produce a kit designed according to your specific requirements.



Racetronics New Traction Monitor System is "not traction control". It designed, to be within the rules, in many places. It works by comparing vehicle speed to rear wheel speed. When wheel spin exceeds the selected amount a light and or buzzer is triggered. This alerts the driver in a VERY precise way, that the car has lost traction. The driver can then "trail brake" the car or pull up some throttle. No guess work, you can rely on the TRACTION MONITOR for all track conditions.

Best of all, it is legal in many places. Remember this is NOT traction control.